“This is so incredible and more true to who I am than any astrology chart I’ve seen so far.. I cannot tell you how happy this has made me and how much I appreciate your hard work to do this. I absolutely feel God guiding you in this chart and know it’s all the truth and totally real. I just read through once but am printing to take home to read over and over. You are so spot on about my need for solitude and well everything else too!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so so happy you are in my life. I’m so fortunate!!”
Vicky L.M., USA

“I just finished the reading and the only words I can come up with right now is, WOW! So much amazing information and the accuracy is incredible. I have to digest all of this and re-read and re-read again. The whole understanding of the dynamics of how this kind of reading works will take some time to learn and fully understand. But I can see the value in it in helping me reach my full potential! This is amazing! You are certainly gifted in this area and see a wonderful future for you in giving these great readings to many people in the future.”
Christina A., Mexico


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