Numerology Readings

Your Numerology Reading will contain:


1) Expression number, 2) Life path/Talent number, 3) Birth number, 4) Maturity/Ultimate number, 5) Heart’s Desire/Soul Urge/ambition number, 6) Personality number, 7) Habit challenge number, 8) Balance number, 9) Intensity & Karmic lesson numbers, 10) Subconscious self number, 11) Rational thought number, 12) Planes of expression/temperament: physical, mental, emotional, intuitive, 13) Name number, 14) First letter of the name, 15) First vowel of the name, 16) Attitude number, 17) Bridge numbers E-LP, 18) Bridge number HD-P, 19) Arrows of Pythagoras


1) Personal year, 2) Pinnacles, 3) Challenges, 4) Birth periods, 5) Essence number, 6) Transit number



Numbers are Guides to Your Destiny


Numbers are Guides to Your Destiny.
Decode Yourself with Your Numbers.
Get fascinated by the Accuracy of Your Numbers and the Time Sync.
Knowing Your Numbers Empowers You.
Numbers don’t lie. They are scientific.
Get Your Life Transforming Analysis.

~ Nea