My namenea-numeros is Nea, I am 44 years old Croatian, a versatile individual with a quite a playful and artistic spirit: a poet, an amateur photographer, guitarist, fond of fun, humour and dance. I am also a sincere spiritual aspirant focused on constant inner growth and self-development and am experienced in self-help and self-healing methods as well as meditation. I am also a vegetarian for 10+ years.

My special interest is ancient Vedic science in general and specificallyΒ  Jyotish and Vastu sciences as well as the effects of transcendental sanskrit mantras. And that’s not all… but – such are my numbers! πŸ™‚ I got fascinated the moment I saw my own numbers: it became all clear to me! My numbers deciphered all my doubts, fears, hopes and secret aspirations along with still latent talents and potentials. It was like a moment of illumination for me!

As some of my numbers say, my true purpose in life is to inspire and motivate others with my inborn joyful spirit, creations and optimism. On the other hand, I am gifted with intuitive insights which I uses for helping myself and others. Numerology is my tool through which I offer my gifts and humble service to the world hoping it will make it a better place to whichever degree.

This is what one of the astrologers told about me as my major characteristic:
You’re given the ability to remove the obstacles of others and to increase their chances in life. Simply put, you are capable to illuminate other people’s lives with your energy.”

Please read the testimonials that my clients wrote about my readings here.

You can contact me at: nea.numerology@gmail.com


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