Numerology Readings

Your Numerology Reading will contain:


1) Expression number, 2) Life path/Talent number, 3) Birth number, 4) Maturity/Ultimate number, 5) Heart’s Desire/Soul Urge/ambition number, 6) Personality number, 7) Habit challenge number, 8) Balance number, 9) Intensity & Karmic lesson numbers, 10) Subconscious self number, 11) Rational thought number, 12) Planes of expression/temperament: physical, mental, emotional, intuitive, 13) Name number, 14) First letter of the name, 15) First vowel of the name, 16) Attitude number, 17) Bridge numbers E-LP, 18) Bridge number HD-P, 19) Arrows of Pythagoras


1) Personal year, 2) Pinnacles, 3) Challenges, 4) Birth periods, 5) Essence number, 6) Transit number



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