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Numerology is an incredibly fascinating and exciting science that unfolds and translates the secret meaning of numbers in order to anticipate the destiny of an individual simply from one’s name given at birth and the birth date.

This ancient esoteric knowledge reveal the link between numbers and the mysterious forces of the cosmos. The numbers are the ‘carriers’ of the whole spectrum of different energy vibrations and as such are the servants of the Divine Laws of the Universe. Even though numerology has very simple concepts, it is a very intricate and occult system based on the understanding that the numbers surrounding our life express a mysterious language and radiate specific energy or vibration. Numbers rule the whole Universe and our very lives; they create events and influence our consciousness and reality day by day. Numbers are not mere symbols for mathematical calculation but vivid, vibrant and with so many gradations.

Numerology combines seemingly simple calculations with deep spiritual insight and unlocks our potentials and destiny which are more often than not hidden or covered with uncertainty and doubt. At the same time it able to decode our past, present and future. It discloses our emotional nature, mental attitude, personality and a host of other parts of our character.

Therefore, numerology offers a really valid guide in the path of our life specific for our unique individuality. It help us understand our own selves and others as well, it inspires and transforms us in a really profound way so that we can consciously design our future accordingly.

For those who are naturally oriented towards helping humankind with all their heart, there are many ways and many tools to do it. My humble contribution to the humankind is in making these exciting and transforming numerology readings. I would be honored and happy to see you happy because knowing my numbers and their meaning made me really happy: I was like ‘struck by lightning’ with it and illuminated in a instant, it clarified my sight and all things fell into place. The thing that even more fascinates me about numerology is its synchronicity: that the right things happen at the right time. Its shocking accuracy worked for me and my clients in the most satisfying way. I would not recommend to others things that I haven’t experienced myself.

Looking forward to get to know you and sincerely hoping to add some value to your life,

Areas covered in the reading include: character analyses, emotional nature, mental attitude, personality identification of the natural abilities, potentials, directions of growth and the destiny or mission in this life motivations, challenges and the way you interact with people, hidden strengths and weaknesses and all these and much more through time periods or different cycles. Your analysis will contain about 30 different aspects and positions. Find out more here.

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